Dead Man's Ransom - Eric Lauer (Vocals/Guitars), Stephen Tate (Bass), Mike Neyra (Drums & Percussion)

Hailing from Houston, Texas & supporting a sound of southern rock & blues (fused with a bit of alternative rock) Dead Man’s Ransom is an all original band with a simple goal…to write stripped down songs, with traditional arrangements, a solid groove, and a good story. 

Founded by Singer/Songwriter Eric Lauer in January of 2011, Dead Man’s Ransom released their first album “Three Chords & The Truth” in April 2013, shortly after that they released a single titled “When The Daylight Breaks”, which can also be found on the bands 2nd album (self titled & released in Sept. of 2014). 

The band is currently gigging in and around Houston with hopes to branch out and test the waters regionally. You can stay up to date with the group at most social media sites, and find their music streaming all over the web. 

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